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Knowing where to begin is essential when you live in a maze.

Listen to this while you read what’s below.

Embody the Struggle by evankuchar


Evan Kuchar was born and raised on the middle coast of America, partway between Chicago and an endless sea of corn.  He started with the piano, with Bach and Beethoven, and then moved on to drums and started listening to Classic Rock and Grunge.  He started making music by improvising at the piano and playing around with computers.  After a degree from Augustana College and a year studying in Paris, he got a Masters in composition from the University of Iowa, studying with David Gompper.

Now living in Chicago, his music has been heard at a variety of venues including bars (Danny’s Tavern) and performed by local ensembles, such as the MAVerick Ensemble.  In 2007, he cofounded anomie, who performed in Millennium Park as part of the Great Performers of Illinois festival in 2008.

His music continues to reflect his influences, involving acoustic classical instruments, guitars, drum machines and electronics.





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Listen: Classical

Posted in time and space on 5.26.10 by evankuchar

enwrapt: for violin, clarinet, alto sax, and cello

enwrapt by evankuchar

Death Spirals: written for the AIDS Quilt Songbook in December 2008, sung by Dr. John Seesholtz

Death Spirals by evankuchar

Listen: Electronic

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The Green Fairy: a journey.

The Green Fairy by evankuchar

Holding Patterns: slow, ambient, evolving.  motion / stasis.

Holding Patterns by evankuchar

Even Closer: Tabula Rasa: mixed-up mash-up: nine inch nails, nirvana, galactic, Neu!

Even Closer: Tabula Rasa by evankuchar